As Saffron is known for its virtues but also its rarity, there have been a lot of fake and bad copies of saffron extracts on the market and SATIEREAL® is a unique guarantee of genuine production. This ultimate extract is made by INOREAL with the highest standards of Quality, safety, and available for modern dietary supplements.

The leading dietary supplements, dietetic food and products on the market today for weight management are relying on SATIEREAL®.

  • A unique and natural patented ingredient showing spectacular efficiency in weight-loss programs.

  • Clinically proven to manage appetite and reduce compulsive snacking.

  • Made from the saffron’s stigma. Saffron is known since 4000 years for its unique mood and antiseptic virtues.

  • With its unique sourcing and process, SATIEREAL® saffron extract is clinically proven to be a powerful weight-loss agent thanks to its induced satiety sensation.

  • Professional authorities have recognized the benefits of using SATIEREAL®.
  • SATIEREAL® has gained regulatory sale’s authorization in most European and Asian countries and the USA
Saffron safran stigmate satiereal SATIEREAL saffron extract

A natural

Saffron is known since 4 000 years for its unique mood and antiseptic virtues.

Thanks to our unique sourcing and process, SATIEREAL® Patented Saffron extract is clinically proven to be a powerful weight-loss agent thanks to its induced satiety sensation

A spectacular appetite regulator effect

One of the most prominent effect is its ability to cut hunger associated with anxiety, and subsequently maximizes the natural satiety hence reducing the quantity of food ingested.
This property helps to control food intake and weight management.

A natural agent without side effect

As an active ingredient extracted from natural plant, SATIEREAL® has been clinically tested in order to prove its safety according to the highest regulatory standards.

A proven efficiency

Several recent clinical studies have demonstrated the efficiency of SATIEREAL®.

During the first randomized double-blind against placebo clinical pilot study, 87.5% of the women reported the decrease of their hunger, food intake and meal duration.

satiereal efficiency diagram decrease meal duration

A second clinical study, published in Nutrition Research 30 305-313, randomized double-blind versus placebo, showed the efficacy of SATIEREAL® on weight management among 60 women.
During 8 weeks of supplementation, it demontrated a significant and progressive decrease of body weight for the supplemented group versus the placebo group.

Decrease appetite and food cravings.

Reported feeling of hunger between meals : appetite decrease of 84% versus 52% for the placebo group.
Reported sugar cravings experienced : Sugar cravings decrease of 78% versus 46% for the placebo group.

For those choosing
FIT over FAT

SATIEREAL® is a powerful complement in weight loss diets and helps those who want to lose some
pounds, or one or two sizes, or simply adopt healthier and wiser food practices.

safe weight loss satiereal

Safe weight loss

The soft power of SATIEREAL® helps to avoid up&down by maintaining a regular effect and a wise food routine. This is reinforced by the cure concept and even more if the cure is repeated.

better fit satiereal staying fit reduce appetite and craving satiereal women better fit saffron

Better fit

Staying healthy and fit, stopping craving between the meals which leads to weight gain, keeping on a diet once you reduce your appetite and urge to snack.

safe weight loss satiereal mental comfort

Mental comfort

By diminishing anxiety and by reducing overweight SATIEREAL® brings more mental comfort…

Seasonal cure



SATIEREAL® is dosed in order to build its effect steadily and over the time. During the trials, the effects appear after some days (between 4 and 7) and last at least several weeks. A 3 month cure is the perfect routine in order to get the most from SATIEREAL®.

Twice a year

and up to once a season is ideal

Each season brings its own light and energy rhythm and our food behavior change accordingly. This is a critical moment and one needs to be careful to not re-engage in bad food habits or practices. Ideally a SATIEREAL® cure every new saison (spring and fall) is the guaranty to manage the transition and to follow a reasonable pace.

mental-comfort-satieareal-saffron reduce anxiety diminishing weight

A full quality, efficacy
and safety management


Satiereal saffron traceability and specific sourcing


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SATIEREAL modern and precise process
SATIEREAL customized customer service


SATIEREAL patented for all weight management applications


Satiereal clinicaly tested


SATIEREAL intensive quality control



Satiereal applications functional drink

Functional drink

SATIEREAL Applications-low carb and hyperproteined supplement

Low carb,
hyperproteined supplement

SATIEREAL Applications cereal bars

Cereal bars

SATIEREAL Applications cofee sticks and pods

Cofee sticks and pods


SATIEREAL® active dosage : only 176.5 mg/day


88.25mg twice a day (breakfast and diner)

SATIEREAL Applications capsules, tablets ampoules and powders ...

capsules, tablets,
ampoules, powders,…

SATIEREAL Applications chews and chewing gum

Chews and chewing gum

SATIEREAL Applications jellie


Some products
incorporating SATIEREAL®

What medics says about it

david williams satiereal saffron extract curbing cravings between meals

Dr David


Very helpful

An extract of saffron (Crocus sativus) called SATIEREAL® can be very helpful at curbing cravings between meals.





Miracle appetite suppressant SATIEREAL® Saffron extract.

At the age of twelve, I was so heavy many people mistook my age. I tried working out at the gym but it was too much for me since I couldn't breathe well because of the much effort I had to put in order to lose weight. My parents then took me to a doctor who told us of the resence of this supplement. From that day onwards things are good. I can actually even play outside with my age mates without them bullying me because of my weight. Source Link

22 years old Lucy

I've been taking this for about a month. Noticed that I don't get hungry like I used to or don't think about eating for 4-5 hours? The way it works for me is not that I can't eat at all, but let's me eat smaller portions. I don't think about eating until it is actually time for a meal. Source Link

OK First let me say I’m a dude and learned about this product on Dr.Oz show. Decided to give it a try, and was pleased with the results. Lots 5 pounds in 2 weeks so far, and this is not water weight, but fat. It helps to curb my appetite, which in turn is helping me lose weight. Will keep a supply on me, this stuff works ! Source Link

I recently started using the Appetite Control 100 Gum and am very impressed with it all around. It has a light minty flavor that lasts way longer than "regular" gum and really helps me control that sudden 3pm urge to ransack my desk for a snack. Source Link

Carrie B., Ohio

The way Appetite Control 100 Gum fought my unhealthy snacking habits was remarkable. I was craving a hot fudge sundae so I popped in a piece of gum, and honest, did not give the sundae another thought. Source Link

Jeanette P., New York

I couldn't believe how quickly I started feeling less hungry. I drive right past the QuickTrip because I don't feel the urge to snack and I don't find myself eating chips and soda right before bed either… Source Link

Betty Davis

I feel better enough with the amount of weight that I have lost. My wedding is coming up soon and I had fear of not reaching my target if I used the gym. Thanks to saffron my gown now fits. Source Link

27 years old Sylvia

…the need to snack all the time isn’t there anymore, it really helps tostay fit...Source Link


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